LAST CALL for 69.90.x.x IP addresses!

Hi all,

For ALL customers: If you’re using as a DNS resolver (in /etc/resolv.conf on Linux/UNIX or in your IP address settings on Windows), please change this to right now to ensure that your server(s) are still able to properly resolve DNS. This is of the utmost importance!

For 69.90.x.x customers: Our 69.90.x.x IP addresses will be permanently removed on Monday, May 7 at noon PST. That means that the sites you had running on these IP addresses will stop working. In order to avoid downtime for any server on the 69.90 network, please make sure all services on your server have been migrated to our new 208.69.x.x network.

If, for some reason, you have any 69.90.x.x IP addresses on your server(s) and you have not been contacted by us, or you have not either already been migrated or are scheduled to be migrated Friday, please contact us immediately or your server(s) will go down on Monday!

At this point, we’ve migrated nearly half of our hosting customers (more than half by server numbers) to our new network. We’ll be migrating our AboveNet (208.185.x.x) customers through the end of May and into June. This is part of a massive cleanup of our network and will result in better performance and even higher uptimes for your servers. We’ve been working long hours and often far into the night to migrate everyone to our new IP addresses as quickly as possible. If you have posted a normal support request in the past two weeks and it has taken us longer to get back to you than normal, I do apologize for that. We are somewhat backlogged on regular support due to spending so many hours migrating customers, but this should settle down next week.

Also, several customers have asked for new bandwidth graphs. We’ll have these for you soon — hopefully as soon as next week. That’s a project at the top of our priority list as well. Right now, our new bandwidth usage server IS recording your usage data — we just don’t have a good interface for you set up right now.

Thank you for your patience and continued support as we strive to make our network the best one out there!


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