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AboveNet outage and resolution

April 24, 2007

Hi all,

AboveNet (208.185 IP addresses) crashed earlier today for approximately 40 minutes. All Peer1 IP addresses (69.90) and Simpli IP addresses (208.69) remained online.

The official cause was on AboveNet’s end — a loose fiber cable on their switch port.

We are migrating approximately 8 customers per night to our new network, which will not fail if a single upstream provider goes down. We have been pulling long hours at the office to try to get all customers pulled over to our new network. The customers remaining on AboveNet will be migrated in the May-early June timeframe. I assure you that we are working as fast as we can to migrate everyone, while ensuring that all customers who are being migrated are migrated successfully with as little downtime as possible.

I do apologize for the inconvenience. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, however, when all customers are migrated properly to our new network and we no longer have problems like this stemming from upstream provider outages. This isn’t very far away — I expect to have all customers migrated by July 1 at the latest.

Thank you,


Migrating — and more information about the IP Migration

April 11, 2007

Hi all,

First of all, we are migrating from its current IP of to its new IP of today. Until May 1st, ns2 will work on both AND As of May 1st, it will only work on That means, if you have a server using this IP address for name resolution (if this IP address is in your /etc/resolv.conf file for Linux, or in your DNS server IP addresses for Windows), you will need to change this IP address in your server settings to by May 1st. Please go ahead and make this change immediately.

If you are using or as DNS servers for your domain name, you will NOT need to make any changes. We will take care of all changes that need to be made on that end. It’s only if you have the IP address hard-coded somewhere on your server, like in /etc/resolv.conf, that you will need to make the change.

Finally, here is a further explanation of how the IP migration works. During your scheduled migration time, we will be working closely with you to migrate your server(s) over. We will need your root/Administrator password or an account with full sudo privileges to complete this migration for you. After the migration, BOTH your old and new IP addresses will work! You will then have until May 1 (in the case of the 69.90 addresses) until the old 69.90 addresses stop working. During the next few weeks, then, you should flip over all of your domain names to your new IP addresses. May 1st is the HARD CUTOFF DATE for Peer1 (69.90.x.x) IP addresses. I cannot stress this enough — on May 1st, the 69.90 IP addresses will stop working, so please make sure everything is migrated!

By now, if you are on the Peer1 (69.90.x.x) network, you should have received your new IP addresses and a scheduled date and time for your migration. If for some reason you have NOT received this, please email us immediately at and we will resend it to you.

Migrations start tonight and go through the end of the month. With your help, this will be successful and your network connectivity will be vastly improved!

By the way, for those of you on AboveNet (208.185.x.x) IP addresses, your migration starts in May, so watch for emails from us in the beginning of May.