Peer1 (69.90.x.x) IP migration beginning!

Hi all,

We’re ready to start a large-scale migration to our new IP subnet. We’ve decided to migrate all 69.90.x.x IP addresses first. This is a significant upgrade in terms of speed and reliability from the bandwidth you have now. 69.90.x.x customers are currently on Peer1 bandwidth only. This migration will add Global Crossing to the mix for better international speeds to and from your servers, and multiple-provider redundancy so that if one provider goes down, we will automatically route you to a second provider.

This week, if you have server(s) with IPs in the 69.90.x.x range, you will receive a series of emails. The first email will ask you to confirm how many and which IP addresses you are utilizing, based on the records we have in our internal database. Once you reply with a confirmation, you will receive a second email. The second email will contain your new IP addresses and complete documentation on how to migrate your server(s). You will have approximately 2-3 weeks from receipt of the second email to migrate your IP addresses.

There will be two different ways to switch over your IP addresses, which we will detail in the second email we send you. One of them involves no downtime, so if a no-downtime migration is important to you, rest assured that we will work with you to achieve this goal.

Within the next month, all customers with servers on the 69.90.x.x range will be migrated to our new 208.69.x.x IP space. Please ensure that you reply to our emails quickly. Time is of the essence, as all 69.90.x.x IPs must be migrated by May 1.

If you have additional questions, please wait to ask them until you receive the first email from us. This will allow us to finish sending out all customer emails quickly. Most questions you have should be answered in the emails you will receive.

Thank you,

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