Important Announcements from Simpli

We have a few important announcements to make as we roll over into March.

First, I am saddened to announce the departure of Seth Blank. As Simpli’s Chief Operating Officer, Seth built a team of hard-working people and also designed many of the policies, procedures, and long-term plans that have helped to make and will continue to make Simpli a successful business. Seth has been an integral part of our team and he will be missed.

Seth is now pursuing consulting opportunities; he remains an active investor, advisor, and supporter to Simpli. Since several customers have already asked us about Seth’s availability for consulting work, I would like to mention here that Seth is open and willing to consult on an hourly or per-project basis with Simpli customers regarding network/server architecture and design.

To help fill the gap Seth left, I have moved both Daniel Garza and Sohrab Vaid into leadership roles within Simpli. Consultants will help us fill in other roles, as well. Our new staff roles are:

Erica Douglass, CEO
Daniel Garza, Lead Systems Administrator
Sohrab Vaid, Lead Datacenter Operations
Tristan Donofrio, Jr. Systems Administrator
Dan Serri, Jr. Systems Administrator (Dan starts Monday, March 5)
Wolf Noble, Systems Administrator (part-time; Mondays/Tuesdays)
Kolya Noble, Office Manager/Billing

We are also actively hiring a weekend systems administrator. Hours will be 10AM-6PM Saturday/Sunday. The weekend systems administrator will need to be located in or near downtown San Jose and will work out of our office. If you know anyone who would be interested in this position, please have him/her forward a resume to

Also, I am pleased to announce that we have a new office! Things were a bit hectic last week as we got everything moved in as well as tried to keep pace with the normal flow of billing issues and support tickets, but work should settle down this week. Our new office is a significant upgrade from our old space, with nearly 1000 more square feet of space and in a much nicer building/location.

Our new office address is:

Simpli Hosting, Inc.
95 S. Market St., Suite #648
San Jose, CA 95113

Please send all checks from here on out to this new location! (We will also send out separate reminders to those of you paying by check.) Our post office box will be going away in the next few months, and the 95 S. Market St. address is where you should send all written correspondence from here on out.

We will have several more announcements for you soon, as this is an exciting time at Simpli…so stay tuned!

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One Comment on “Important Announcements from Simpli”

  1. Lynn S. Says:

    Seth, we’ll miss you! Thank you so so much for all the help you’ve been in the last year. We wouldn’t have made it through my illness without you.

    –Lynn and JJ

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