IMPORTANT: Brief switch downtime starting Monday night

Hi all,

I’m pleased to announce that we’re finally ready to start rolling customers over to our new IP addresses. The next step we need to take in this migration is to upgrade all of our switches to the latest Cisco IOS software and make some configuration changes on each switch. This update will cause a brief downtime on every switch connected to our network (a few seconds at most.) This downtime will very likely not be noticeable. These migrations will start Monday night and you will be emailed directly as to the exact date and time of the migration of the switch(es) you are attached to.

Also, due to the configuration changes we are making to our switches, you will receive new bandwidth graph links.

Once we complete the switch upgrades, we will begin migrating customers. You will be notified then of your new IP addresses and the timeframe you’ll have to migrate your servers over. We plan to give you 2-4 weeks to migrate IP addresses.

Our new IP addresses will be of the form 208.69.x.x. If you’re one of the lucky few customers who is already on 208.69.x.x, you don’t need to move!

If you have an IP address in 208.185.x.x, you will be migrated first. IPs in 69.90.x.x will be migrated in 60-90 days. Finally, if you have IPs on 64.34.x.x or 66.231.x.x, you will be migrated before the end of 2007.

You will receive an email once we’re ready to migrate you — please don’t ask us when you will be migrated, as we’ll make sure you’re aware of it when the time comes!

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