Peer1/BGP/load balancer updates

Hi all,

Market Post Tower has scheduled downtime tonight at 7PM for our Peer1 circuit (any IP that begins with 69.90.x.x.) This downtime is supposed to last for at least 15 minutes, and the maintenance window is 1.5 hours.

When we heard about this, we let Market Post Tower and Peer1 know that the downtime was unacceptable. We acted quickly and procured a switch with 2 GigE fiber ports. We then upgraded our BGP session with Peer1 so that we would be on a different switch port on their end, ensuring that there would be no downtime. We’re letting you know about this maintenance window as a courtesy in case something goes wrong on our end and we end up being affected by the downtime. However, we do not expect there to be any downtime tonight.

Update on getting our own IPs: After endless delays and haggling with various upstream providers, we have finally secured a fully redundant BGP link running through multiple providers (so if any single provider goes down, our network will not be affected.) The link is running through multiple routers on our end so a single router failure cannot take us down, either. We will begin switching customers to new IPs in December, and expect this switchover to take 30-60 days to complete. You will be notified directly when your IPs will be changed (please do not email us asking when you will be changed over — we’ll notify each customer individually, and we have not yet set a schedule in stone since we are still in testing mode.) We have invested upwards of $30,000 in getting this new infrastructure up and running, and we made sure to take extra time and money to get everything set up properly instead of skimping on equipment. It will be worth it!

Also, a quick update for customers on our load balancer, or those who are interested in our load balancing service: Our current load balancer had some strange problems. We discussed what we wanted to do about these issues and decided to procure a new load balancer. Like our current load balancer, our new load balancer is also Foundry brand, but has upgraded GigE ports and newer software. The new load balancer is in and we are configuring it now. We will be moving current load balancer customers to the new load balancer either this week or next week. We will be in communication with each customer individually to schedule a transition. There should be minimal downtime involved.

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One Comment on “Peer1/BGP/load balancer updates”

  1. Dan Says:

    Thank you for the update! If you need any help with Foundry SLB’s let me know, I just went through there beginning and advanced classes last month 🙂


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